IndyCar vs Formula 1 car: Technical Comparison


Which is faster: Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car, or Scott Dixon’s IndyCar? Both have had major success in their respective championships, but how different are the two machines? Using our latest 3D animations, Jake Boxall-Legge breaks down everything there is to compare with IndyCar and Formula 1 cars, from aerodynamics, power, tyres, fuel and more.

0:00 Comparing IndyCar and Formula 1
1:11 Comparing The Stats
2:09 Halo vs Aeroscreen
2:46 The Aerodynamics
4:36 Engine vs Engine
5:39 Fuel Types
6:22 Tyres, Steering and Refuelling
7:12 Lap Times at Circuit of the Americas
7:46 Race Tracks and Formats
8:21 Why You Should Watch IndyCar and F1

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