The Illegal Formula 1 Innovations Making A Comeback In 2022


Formula 1’s 2022 cars may look completely new, but what about the illegal ideas that are returning for the new wave of F1 machines? From venturi tunnels to wheel covers and more, F1 is looking to improve on the current formula with both old and new ideas, so Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at what Formula 1’s 2022 cars will bring back from the dead, why we don’t see the banned ideas on F1’s current cars.

Watch our video on Blown Diffusers and the Coanda Effect below!

0:00 What’s Returning For F1 in 2022?
0:35 How Venturi Tunnels Work
1:18 Venturi Tunnels Death And Revival
2:19 18 Inch Rims With Wheel Covers
3:06 Wheel Deflector Panels And Old Ideas
3:31 The Beam Wing Returns
4:02 V6 Turbos – McLaren MP4/4
4:45 2014’s V6 Turbos & Illegal Fuel
5:26 Remember Blown Diffusers?
5:49 Complex Bargeboard Development
7:03 2022’s F1 Cars

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