Could F1’s New 2021 Downforce Rules Change Everything?


F1 2021’s new aero rules set to cut downforce by simplifying the floor and diffusers, but on the grid there are 2 prevailing floor setups – Mercedes’ low rake, and Red Bull’s high rake setups. So who will come off worse from the cutback floors? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at how both Mercedes and Red Bull might be knocked back, how F1’s new regulations work with different rake options, and what the changes might look like.

0:00 F1’s Floors & Downforce
1:17 What’s Changing for 2021
2:03 Pirelli’s U-Turn on Tyre Design
3:08 How Does Rake Affect The New Floors?
3:45 Red Bull’s High Rake Setup
4:15 Mercedes Low Rake Setup
4:55 Could Both Teams Lose Out?
5:47 What Will The New Designs Look Like?
6:26 Prioritising 2022’s Changes

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