“The lights go out and you just forget everything.” – Lando Norris | Autosport Podcast

Lando Norris is the latest guest on the Autosport Podcast, joining Stuart Codling to talk about the challenges he faced in 2019. Talking confidence, working with Carlos Sainz, and the McLaren upwards trajectory through 2019.

Talking at Autosport International 2020, he opened up about how hard he works – and addresses if people have the wrong impression of him being too relaxed on a race weekend. Norris also mentions the nervous moments and excitement he had in the run up to his first race.

Norris also talks at length about his friendship with team mate Carlos Sainz – how hard they push each other and work together, resulting in the Woking team sealing fourth in the constructors championship in 2019. Will he and Sainz be able to match that again in 2020?