2019 Russian GP Race Review | WTF1 Podcast

Russia has never been known for its epic races, but it certainly created even more controversy and talking points. Were Ferrari right to implement team orders? Who is the number 1? What is it about the Sochi Autodrome that reduces wheel to wheel battles?
We dive into all this and much more in this weeks WTF1 Podcast.

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0:56 Three Word Race reviews
2:43 The most important question ever
3:03 Is the VSC unfair?
9:21 Why did they stop Vettel where they did?
10:36 Jess: Ferrari Ferrari’d Themselves
15:47 Leclerc vs Vettel (good or bad?)
19:58 Why did Ferrari even implement team orders?
20:49 Tommy: Albon 2020 Seat
21:50 Gasly vs Albon
24:06 Matt: Worst Third Sector
27:58 ABCDEF1
36:29 Predictions for Russia
38:08 Predictions for Japan

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