Dumb things Aaron does – Can I start a 700hp drift car that sat for 3 years

In this episode, I attempt to start a 700hp drift car, with an SR20DET mind you, that sat for 3 years without being turned on! To complicate this potentially, it is an E85 car lol. If you watch and finish this video you will see it wasn’t that climactic in the end lol, but I know people are interested in this stuff so I figured I would make a video out of it. I got really lucky though. I have had non start issues on cars like the Corvette which turned into 6 month nightmares that were way over my head technically, but luckily that didn’t happen here….. Yet…. I only got it started, I haven’t actually driven it yet lol. I was thinking about taking it drifting at the demo this weekend, but I don’t want to chance the car not being workable for 2 full days of drifting without some testing, so I am going to just take the S14 because it is so damn solid of a car. Drifting is hilarious, the things we go through!